If you want to increase or improve your breast size, then breast enhancement is going to be the best option you could have. Such operation involves the insertion of implants in the breasts. On the other hand, you must not assume that such procedure is just intended to enhance beauty as the operation is pretty useful as well in reconstructive surgical procedures. This is true especially in situations where mastectomy has to be carried out. 

Assuming that this form of cosmetic surgery will affect your body tissues, it is essential to seek the services offered by an experienced and highly qualified surgeon. Otherwise, you would put yourself at unnecessary risks of complications. In addition to seeking for competent surgeon, you have to seek for the best kind of implant for your bust. This is true as the type of implants that will be used in the enhancement procedure have been evolving constantly, following the rapid developments in medical technology. Learn about natural breast growth here! 

Indeed, the first types of implants were used in as early as 1800s, included in such material are silastic rubber, polyethelene chips and ox cartilage. Definitely, you would not want to have these kinds of materials lodged in your breasts as a result of their rudimentary nature. Modern day implants are more sophisticated than before and it includes: 

Silicone Implants 

In a bid to create implants that not just look like breasts but feel like real breasts as well, silicone implants were made. The gel in these implants are what give them the feel of having natural breast tissue. In addition to that, such implants are designed with safety in mind as the gel will stay inside its shell even if the implant has ruptured. On the other hand, this aspect does not negate the necessity of doing regular follow up visits to your surgeon to be sure that there's nothing wrong happening in your body especially your breasts.Buy the breast growth pills here! 

Saline Implants 

This particular variety is offering alternative to silicone implants. These types of implants have 2 key aspects which make them stand out from silicone. First of all, rather than being filled with a gel, sterile salty water is what used. Second factor is the behavior of such implant in case it breaks. In silicone types, the gel stays in a shell but the salty water in saline implants would just be absorbed in the body and expelled through natural bodily process. 

Textured-Type Implants 


One unique aspect of such implant is the fact that they're made to stick to existing breast tissues, hence, becoming immobile. This becomes possible as the scar tissue is forming naturally around the implants. Watch this video at for more facts about breasts.